About us

The Splitski Vali Agency started operating in 2008. Since then, it has established itself in the real estate market, especially in the city of Split. It is known for representing several exclusive properties and a special relationship with each client, whether the seller, buyer, lessor or lessee. It represents property owners from the entire Croatia, and mostly from the Split-Dalmatia County. It has contacts all over Europe, mostly from English, Polish and German-speaking countries. In its work, it provides a full service in real estate brokerage, which includes advisory, financial, especially tax and legal support, and its work is accompanied by a respected law and notary office.

Basic data:

Name: Splitski vali d.o.o.
Headquarters: Kaštelanova 4, 21000 Split, HR
Registered at the Commercial Court: Trgovački sud u Splitu, 47/2019
OIB: 63945918713
Account and bank: HR4625000091101481665 kod Addiko bank d.d.
Board members: Anita Lozo