Split with its surroundings is the second Croatian city in terms of population, yet several times smaller than the capital Zagreb. Split enjoys a quiet life in the outskirts of the city, and the surrounding suburbs, where it overflows into the surrounding cities, Solin and Kaštela, which gravitate towards it, and with which it forms a moderately populated infrastructure unit, where each property is a few minutes away from the sea, most of them of southern and western orientation, with a short winter and a long warm period for the rest of the year. Split is not a bustling city, and it provides living conditions with a lot of time spent in the fresh air, nature, moderate warm climate, but also an exceptional culturally and historically rich environment. However, as the second most populous city, it is an independent unit and provides all the amenities of a European city. 
Split - a historical center is an exclusive destination for tourists and a location to live. Within the city center itself, luxury properties are offered in unique locations, for example, a luxury flat in a stone house inside a thousand-year-old palace, from which you walk a hundred meters to the beach; a penthouse above the Split waterfront, properties such as Art Nouveau villas in a quiet park, but also small tourist rental units, which are a fairly safe investment.

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